Industries Served

Polished to a level of expertise

At AmodaChem& Services LLP we hold our clients very dear to our heart and treat them like an integral part of the AmodaChem family. It is because of this attitude and the motivation to give them the best service that we have been able to spread our services across industries and have left no stone unturned to help our client base reach the epitome of success. We have also ensured that the arena of business that has given us space to work in must be polished to a level of expertise and efficiency that it deserves, which is why we have been in a process of growth and learning from the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Agricultural sector
  • Textile manufacturing and processing industries
  • Hospitals and health care institutes
  • Education, research and development industries
  • Paint manufacturing, mixing and development sectors
  • Construction and building material industries
  • Governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutes

At our industrial supply set up, we believe in never stopping at anything and aspire to reach for the moon with all our efforts. Due to the never say die attitude and the enthusiasm to achieve something new with each step we have been able to reach heights that have been untouched so far and plan to keep going on!

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