Biological Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater can be extremely harmful to the environment if it is left untreated. To combat the same we , at Amoda Chem helps you with various wastewater treatment process in India, including Biological Wastewater Treatment to treat the effluent. Some of the common process includes Bacterial Culture, Bioculture For Wastewater Treatment and Microbes In Sewage Treatment.

We aim at presenting a particularly formulated blend of microorganisms in water treatment containing bacteria that can grow across a wide temperature range. When added to any sewage treatment, the beneficial microbes immediately start secreting enzymes that help in digesting as well as decomposing feces, greases, urine, detergents, and other types of organic waste. The environment frielndly process of bacteria culture for wastewater treatment is gaining huge momentum in the modern wastewater treatment industry. 

AMODA Microclean 01 for Effluent Treatment:

Biological Wastewater Treatment
AMODA Microclean 01 is an effective blend of microorganisms, enzymes and organic compounds for effluent treatment. AMODA Microclean 01 acts on industrial effluents and effectively breaks down biodegradable chemicals, hazardous waste, heavy metals and pathogens. The micro-organisms and enzymes present in AMODA Microclean 01 are individually fermented, assayed for purity and then formulated to make the final product.

  • Effectively reduce COD/BOD in ETP
  • Reduces sludge generation and accumulation
  • Natural and eco-friendly way to treat effluent
  • Best suited for removal of bad odor and color
  • Reduces power and chemical costs involved in effluent treatment

Application: Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants
Dosage: Varies Based on Specific Application

AMODA Microclean 02 for Sewage Treatment

Microbes for Sewage Treatment plant
AMODA Microclean 02 is a consortium of beneficial microbes and enzymes which have the ability to degrade nutrients in sewage water.

  • Effectively reduce BOD
  • COD and odor
  • Reduces chemical costs involved in sewage treatment
  • Promotes faster MLSS development
  • Reduces sludge generation
  • Reduces ammoniacal nitrogen generation

Application: Residential Apartments, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Membrane Bio reactor, sequence bio reactor, Moving bed bio reactor and Rotating biological Contractor.
Dosage: Varies Based on Specific Application

AMODA Microclean 03 for Anaerobic

Anaerobic  reactor treatment
AMODA Microclean 03 has the ability to degrade pollutants anaerobically. Microbes in AMODA Microclean 03 are packed in a dormant state and have a 98% reactivation rate within their shelf life, which is one year. Each individual stain is specifically isolated and carefully grown in fermentation facility.

  • Provides a continuous source of highly anaerobic and facultative cultures which stabilizes the system
  • Allows anaerobic start-up of anaerobic facility
  • Improves Digester systems recovery
  • Reduces COD & BOD
  • Sludge volume is reduced as more solids are digested

Application: Breweries, Dairy, Food Industries and UASB Reactors
Dosage: Varies Based on Specific Application

AMODA Microclean 04 for Hospitals Waste Treatment

Bioculture For Wastewater Treatment
AMODA Microclean 04 is a mix of concentrated microorganisms that help to treat Hospitals Discharge water which contains chemicals and multi resistant microbial agents.

  • Eliminates resistant bacteria
  • viruses and prions
  • Reduces bio medical sludge generatio
  • Reduces odor
  • Controls radioactive toxic in effluents
  • Reduces BOD & COD

Application: Multispecialty Hospitals & Laboratories
Dosage: 200g / 10,000 Ltrs of Effluent

AMODA Microclean 05 for Oil & Grease Removal

Microclean For Oil and Grease in Water Treatment
AMODA Microclean 05 contains mix of probiotics which have the ability to degrade oil & grease and other organic waste build up and turn it into carbon dioxide and water.

  • Degrade Oil & Grease from STP & ETP Trap
  • Reduces Ultra filtration membranes clogging and fouling
  • Protects Pipelines and equipments from clogging
  • Develops biological treatment process for oil & grease removal
  • Increase organic load removal

Application: Industrial ETP & STP plants and effluent intake networks
Dosage: Varies Based on Specific Application

AMODA Microclean 06 for Septic Biocleaner

Microclean For Septic treatment
Today we are using acetic and alkaline sanitation chemicals and reagents for Toilet flushing. These chemicals kill beneficial bacteria of septic systems and thus lead to bad odor and contamination. AMODA Microclean 06 contains colony forming bacteria that provide 100% natural bio solution. The bacteria breaks down biodegradable materials and removes harmful pathogens from house hold waste water.

  • Reduces septic tank pump-outs
  • Reduces foul odor from the septic systems
  • Helps to meet CPCB Norms
  • Reduces sludge Build up
  • Decomposes feces urine, grease, fats, food scraps and detergents

Application: Residents, Commercial Septic Tanks & Bio Digester.
Dosage: 250g / 5000 Litres

AMODA Microclean 07 for Lake & Pond Cleaner

Microclean for lake and Pond Water Treatment
AMODA Microclean 07 is a completely natural method of controlling nitrates, phosphate, organic bottom sludge and odors in lake and ponds. The special blend of bacteria has the ability to digest any organic wastes generated by animal and plant life in the pond. The cultures are completely safe and will not harm humans, plants, animals, birds or environment.

  • Breaks down Nitrogen and Phosphorus compounds in lake and ponds
  • Reduces BOD & COD levels in ponds
  • Improves the aquatic environment
  • Stabilizes the oxygen levels in the bottom of Ponds
  • Clarifies Pond & Lake water

Application: Lake & Ponds.
Dosage: 1-2.5 kg / Acre - 3 times weekly

AMODA Microclean 08 for Organic Waste Composting

Microclean For Organic  Waste Composting
AMODA Microclean 08 consists of a wide variety of naturally selected bacteria to make compost in the shortest possible time.

  • Converts Rich Compost
  • Short time Biodegradation
  • Safe and natural
  • Reduces bad odor
  • Economical way to produce compost

Application: Hotels, Communities & Hostels
Dosage: 100g / 100kg compost