MLSS BOOSTER for Wastewater Treatment


Biological Wastewater Treatment
AMODA Microclean 01 manufactures a superior mix of Macro and Micro Nutrients with Trace minerals and Ions as MLSS Booster. The breakdown of dissolved and solid organic wastes is accomplished in a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) by a wide variety of bacteria. Different groups of bacteria have unique growth requirements and different macro and micro nutrient needs. They often compete for the same growth substrate and organic feed materials. At times, the non-availability of specific micronutrients (nutrients and/or minerals) is the limiting factor for bacterial growth. Each ingredient in the MLSS Booster manufactured by AMODA Microclean has been strategically selected to support the growth of a wide variety of bacteria that help break down organic waste in Waste Water Treatment plants. The MLSS Booster product facilitates the fast proliferation of microbes and rapid action of the microbes in digesting organic waste.


Micronutrients for Lake & Pond

Microbes for Sewage Treatment plant
AMODA Microclean 02 manufactures a Micronutrient product that is a holistic mix of mineral elements including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Micronutrients for Lake and Pond play a central and essential role in the microbial development in these water bodies. Lakes and Pond contains natural occurring bacteria that eliminate muck, dead leaves, odour and other organic matter. The Micronutrient product manufactured by AMODA Microclean provide much needed nutrients for the naturally occurring bacteria to multiply and act on the organic matter present in the water body. Further, the product promotes natural microorganisms and phytoplankton growth and maintains optimal microbial productivity to keep ponds and lakes clean.