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Amoda Chem & Services LLP - Water Treatment Products Supplier

Amoda Chem & Services LLP are a pioneering entity in the field of Wastewater Treatment Product supply We are one of the prominent suppliers of Bio Culture, MLSS Booster (Micro & Macro Nutrients) & Chemicals for Wastewater Treatment. We have worked with clients from various industries ranging from pulp & paper, iron & steel, pharma, textiles, agriculture, healthcare, education, construction and many more. We ensure that our clients are constantly supplied with the best quality products. Our STP and ETP Bio Culture product consists of Bacillus species. These species are in spore form and are highly active in degrading pollutants and converting them into simple molecules. For Example, starch in the pollutant is converted into reducing sugar while protein is converted into Amino Acid and Fat is converted into Free Fatty Acid. These simple molecules are then consumed by the Bacillus species as a source for further multiplication.
Through this mechanism, we see a drastic reduction in COD, BOD and improvement in clarity and odour. With the Microbes breaking down complex molecules and converting them into simple molecules and further consuming these molecules and multiplying.
Our team of experts also make sure that the quantity, quality and composition of the products are checked thoroughly for accuracy and precision.
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As a company, our reputation has gone strength from strength, and we have served hundreds of customers looking for the best quality waste water treatment products. BIO CULTURE for the secondary treatment and CHEMICALS for primary treatment specialty, but we also deal in all other kinds like, Laboratory Chemicals, Life Science Research Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals and all other Specialty Chemicals. We have years of experience in sourcing and supplying wastewater treatment plant chemical products in Mumbai and all over India as per our client’s requirement. Get in touch with our team and we will assist you with all your queries.
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